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Wild Carp or not? Please email me with your Answer/Opinion/Guess

Dodgy Entries The five species listed below are iffey. Please email me to vote if they should be included or not
Ghost Koi/Mirror Carp 10 lbs 11 ozsElphicks Fishery, Kent
Roach/Bream Hybrid 1 lb 6 ozsTanyard Fisheries, Danehill
Roach/Rudd Hybrid 1 lb 8 ozsBurwell Lode, Norfolk
Wild Carp 9 lbs 1 ozsAbbey Cross Lakes, Nazeing
Ghost Koi/Linear Carp 6 lbs 8 ozsElphicks Fishery, Kent

FishRecorded WeightVenue
Barbel 4 lbs 4 ozsRiver Lea, Hertford
Bitterling Not WeighedBurwell Lode, Norfolk
Bleak Not WeighedRiver Lea, Broxbourne
Blue Tench 2 lbs 4 ozsElphicks Fishery, Kent
Blue Orfe Not WeighedElphicks Fishery, Kent
Blue Trout 6 lbs 11 ozsBigwell, Redbrook, Monmouthshire
Bream 4 lbs 1 ozsTaylors Lake, Bishops Stortford
Brook Trout 5 ozsHolgans Brook, Pembrokeshire
Brown Trout4 lbs 13 ozsGrafham Reservoir
Bullhead Not WeighedRiver Beane, Waterford
Catfish 1 lb 8 ozsManor Farm Fishery
Chub 3 lbs 6 ozsRiver Lea, Hertford
Common Carp 4 lbs 15 ozsManor Farm Fishery
Crucian Carp 1 lbs 15 ozsTanyard Fisheries, Danehill
Dace 7 ozsBurwell Lode, Cambridgeshire
Eel Not WeighedHolgan Farm, Pembrokeshire
F1 4 lbs 5 ozsElphicks Fishery, Kent
Flounder Not WeighedBigsweir Fishery, Llandogo, Monmouthshire
Ghost Carp 13 ozsManor Farm Fishery
Grayling 1 lbs 9 ozsRiver Mimram, Hertford
Grass Carp Not WeighedElphicks Fishery, Kent
Golden Rudd 8 ozsRiver Mimram, Hertford
Golden Tench 1 lbs 3 ozsElphicks Fishery, Kent
Golden Trout 3 lbs 0 ozsBigwell, Redbrook, Monmouthshire
Golden Orfe 2 lbs 8 ozsHolgan Farm, Pembrokeshire
Goldfish 1 lbs 6 ozsHolgan Farm, Pembrokeshire
Gudgeon Not WeighedRiver Rib, Hertford
Koi Carp 14 ozsTanyard Fisheries, Danehill
Linear Carp 8 lbs 15 ozsElphicks Fishery, Kent
Minnow Not WeighedRiver Lea, Hertford
Mirror Carp 10 lbs 0 ozsAbbey Cross Lakes, Nazeing
Perch 2 lbs 13 ozsGrafham Reservoir
Pike 15 lbs 1 ozsGrafham Reservoir
Pumpkinseed Not WeighedTanyard Fisheries, Danehill
Rainbow Trout 3 lbs 4 ozsGrafham Reservoir
Roach To Be EnteredBurwell Lode Cambridgeshire
Rudd 1 lb 8 ozsBurwell Lode Cambridgeshire
Ruffe Not WeighedBroxbourne Mill Stream
Sea Trout Not WeighedEastern Cleddau River, Pembrokeshire
Silver Bream To Be EnteredBurwell Lode Cambridgeshire
Stickleback To Be EnteredRiver Beane, Hertford
Stone Loach Not WeighedRiver Beane, Waterford
Sturgeon 4 lb 1 ozsHenham Lodge, Essex
Tench 3 lbs 7 ozsTaylors Lake, Bishops Stortford
Zander 6 lbs 8 ozsGrafham Reservoir